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Who We Work With

Typically, we work with a wide variety of business to business companies throughout North America. For the most part, our customers tend to be:      
distributors, resellers, manufacturers and service providers <click here for client list> who rely on the telephone as one of their primary mediums for generating leads and sales.

Our customers are typically classified as “small” or “medium” size companies and work in highly competitive, often price sensitive marketplaces. While we have worked with larger Fortune 500 companies and have had remarkable success, we tend to focus on companies that range in the $5million to $50 million in revenues.

Are Some of These Statements True for You?

“We are falling short on our sales and revenue objectives. We can’t seem to consistently achieve our targets.”

“My tele-sales reps are making the dials but their conversion rate is not as high as I would like it to be. The ‘numbers’ game is simply not working out. Our reps need to be better- more effective-  when selling to customers and prospects.”

“Customer retention has been a concern with us. Making the first sale seems easy enough. Making the second sale is the tough part.”

Finding and keeping a good telephone sales rep has been a real challenge.” We seem to be experiencing high turnover in our tele-sales department.  It is impacting our ability to grow our revenue and expand our markets

“We’re making sales but our margin is taking a hit. We simply can’t give away the product. We need to be more profitable.”

It’s been a real challenge finding a sales manager with B to B, telephone selling experience. This is impacting our ability to grow our department and grow our sales.”

Clients are Likely to be Successful Working with Us If:

Here is a list of traits or characteristics that our all clients seem to have:

1.      You are not happy with mediocrity. You have a vision of what you want to achieve. You are in the business to be the best. You didn’t enter the race to be second, or third or last. You are fierce competitor. You are not happy with anything less.

2.      You have a propensity for action.  You don’t sit on your hands and wait for opportunities to knock on the door. You do the knocking. You implement strong and you implement fast. You would rather do something than nothing.

3.     You are open to new concepts. You know you don’t have the corner on the market for ideas. You are open to change. You know that adaptability is the key to an ever changing, highly competitive marketplace. You look at new ideas, new concepts and new strategies and welcome them.

4.      You accept that a degree of risk is necessary.  At the end of the day you know that any new concept or approach has an inherent degree of risk. But once you have a thorough plan and you calculate the risk, you make your move.  With acceptable risk there is reward.

5.      You recognize that there is no magic wand, no silver bullet or secret potion to success. In other words, you have a level head and you know that there are rarely quick fixes.  Success is not an overnight event. You are willing to stick to a plan and give it time to kick into full gear.

6.      You adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. This is important. You know that sustained growth, profitability and corporate longevity comes from above board strategies and tactics.  Cutting corners and ducking corporate responsibility is not your approach.

Do these traits apply to you?  If so, then our programs will work for you.

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