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“Jim, I wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail saying thank you for the early kick in the paints with your training. Just a little highlight! I ended up the year at 117% of my overall plan, amongst a very small list of
reps in the company. Your methodologies and strategies have help as they have allowed me to get that first “in” with many of my now high profile clients.”
Amol Sharma
Account Manager
Softchoice Corporation
“Jim’s use of the ‘humble approach’ opening statement for prospecting helped me
get in the door of a corporation where I landed a million dollar account! The material he delivers is incredible and it works!”

Brian Condie
Sales Representative
BMO Nesbit Burns
“Jim, here’s an e-mail I got from a prospect that I have been trying to penetrate for months. I took your advice about the dimensional mailer which I sent not long ago. Here’s what my prospect wrote: ‘You are a class act. Just received your ‘doggie goodie basket.’ I must say it go my attention...’”
Laura Dominguez
Sales Account Manager
Tape on Line
“Jim Domanski has presented his “Becoming an Outbound Telephone Pro” workshop for the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) for several years. The evaluations submitted by attendees of his workshop consistently receive “excellent” for Jim’s knowledge of subject matter and communications skills as well as for course content.”
Carol Helston
Manager Professional Development
Canadian Professional Sales Association
“Before we began our AOS program we averaged less than $500/month in additional sales. A month later we tripled that number. The next month we increased sales 6 –fold! The process was simple to implement and easy to coach!”
Elisa Way
Marketing Manager
““Jim’s coaching workshop pulled no punches. It provided us with a practical and easy approach for implementing the process with your reps. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Sales began improving within a month after implementing the program.”
Jean-Pierre Pelchat
Sales Manager

Training Workshops and Programs

Teleconcepts offers a full range of tele-sales workshops and training programs that can be customized to your specific needs. Our focus in all of these programs is to measurably improve the selling skills of each of the participants. In fact we guarantee it! Whether you have junior tele-sales reps or a seasoned staff of pros, we have a program that will take their selling to the next level.

Below you will find six core telephone sales programs targeted to inside tele-sales reps, inside order takers, tele-sales managers AND field sales reps that use the telephone to qualify leads and set appointments. Click on any program for complete details:

I. Profiting by Phone:
No Nonsense Skills and Techniques for Selling by Telephone

II. Mindshare:
How to Use the Telephone to Generate, Nurture, Manage and Convert Leads

III. Fear the Phone and Dial It Anyway:
Telephone Techniques for Field Sales Reps

IV. Tele-Account Management:
How to Manage and Sell More to Existing Accounts

V. Add On Selling:
How to Leverage and Squeeze Every Ounce of Potential from Every Call You Make or Take

VI. The Tele-Sales Coach:
How to Turn Ordinary Sales Reps in Extraordinary Sales Reps

I. Profiting by Phone:
No Nonsense Skills and Techniques for Selling by Telephone

Are you looking for a selling program that focuses exclusively on the telephone strategies and techniques?

“Profiting by Phone” is the most comprehensive telephone based training in the US and Canada. The purpose of this extensive workshop is to measurably increase the sales success of your inside tele-sales team. Nothing more, nothing less.

Focusing on the B to B market, the Profiting by Phone is practical and comprehensive yet easy to learn, implement and master. Using a consultative, questions based approach to selling over the telephone your reps will learn how to professionally SELL more of your products in less time.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • The telephone as a sales medium: how it differs from face to face selling and how to leverage its strengths and minimize its weaknesses
  • How to prepare your day for maximum effectiveness including the concepts of “Block Time”, “Prime Time Calling”, “The Master Cycle List” and the “Power Hour Concept”
  • Gathering information: The 2 most powerful and effective methods of gathering information about your prospects
  • How to thoroughly and completely plan your tele-sales call using a “pre-call planning guide”
  • 4 Strategies for winning the war against voice mail including bypassing “call display” and templates for voice mail messages
  • The only 3 Strategies you’ll need for dealing with and getting past gatekeepers
  • The most effective opening statement in the world! (I am not kidding)
  • Crafting powerful follow up calls that differentiate you from the competition
  • How to craft a ‘questioning guide’ and use those questions to quickly and accurately qualify clients and identify needs
  • How to listen more effectively over the telephone – using trial closes, tuning in to buying signals and verifying understanding
  • The 3 components to building a compelling offer or presentation
  • The 3 kinds of objections you will encounter and the 2 strategies for getting past the objections and onto the sale
  • How to advance the sale, reduce the cycle and close the deal
  • Post call wrap up: what to do when you get and sale…and when you don’t

Profiting by Phone is a 1-2 day program depending on the needs of your company and your tele-sales reps. Every single technique, skill, process and strategy has literally been stolen from tele-sales reps and companies across North American. What this really means is that you are getting practical, no nonsense methods that work in the real world. The workshop includes:

- a half day of interviews with reps, managers and other key personnel so that the workshop can be precisely tailored to fit you reps, your markets, your products and your situation
- a comprehensive workshop and manual for each attendee
- support articles to foster ongoing learning
- job aids that your reps can use immediately to support their calls
- a no charge subscription to “Tele-Sales Vitamins” e-newsletter
- a list of websites and newsletters
- a graduation diploma
- and much more

We use a variety of teaching methods so that your reps get the absolute most out of the workshop including:

  • reading exercises
  • lecture format
  • individual work assignments
  • group activities and exercises
  • small role play

Call now for more information:


II: Mindshare:
How to Use the Telephone to Nurture, Groom and Convert More Leads to Sales

Are you happy with your lead conversion rate? Do you feel your sales team could be converting more leads to sales?

You’re not alone: according to the Aberdeen Group, more than 80% of generated leads are dropped, never follow up on or are mishandled!

The problem is not so much generating leads but rather converting the leads you’ve got. This is precisely what the Mindshare Workshop is about: it shows your sales team how to take the leads they’ve got, how to nurture and groom them using a variety of techniques, and how to convert more of them to sales. What this really means to you is this:

  • less cost per lead
  • less cost in acquiring and using lists
  • higher conversion rates
  • lower frustration levels
  • reduced sales cycles
  • increased revenues
  • improved profitability

Mindshare is not some fancy theory about lead conversion. It is a practical, proven strategy that has been implemented by companies across North America. Translated, it works, and it works well.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • The Harsh Reality: Why Over 80% of Leads Result in No Sales
  • What Prospects Think about Prospectors
  • The Mindshare Process: What it is and How it Works
  • The Law of Equity: How and Why you Must Build Equity in Every Prospecting Relationship
  • You Inc: Creating Your Own Brand Image
  • The 4 Steps to Creating Mindshare with Prospects
  • The 2 Mindshare Resource Libraries
  • How to Build a Powerful Value Added Library
  • Evaluating the Mediums: Telephone, E-mail, Direct Mail, Fax and Dimensional Mailers
  • The ABCs of Targeting Your Mindshare Market
  • How to Develop and Plan a Step by Step Mindshare Strategy
  • Using a Mindshare Map
  • Scheduling the Relationship and Integrating the Mediums
  • The Rule of 7: How to Get Through the Clutter
  • Implementing the Mindshare Strategy
  • Follow Up Calls; When to Call and What to Say
  • The Indispensable Pre Call Planning Sheet
  • Dealing with Voice Mail in the Nurturing Process
  • How to Advance and Reduce the Sales Cycle
  • Keeping On Track

Mindshare is a half to a full day, all inclusive presentation depending on the needs of your particularly team. Highly interactive, creative and FUN, this workshop will create more leads and more sales for your company.

For more information, call:


III: Fear the Phone and Dial it Anyway
Telephone Techniques for Field Sales Reps

Does your field sales team suffer from “phoniphobia’ –a fear of using the telephone?

If you are like most sales directors and managers, you have probably recognized that your field sales team isn’t nearly as effective (and successful) as you might like when it comes to using the telephone to qualify leads and set more appointments. Perhaps they need more appointments; perhaps their leads are not quite as qualified as they should be.

If this is the case, then Fear the Phone is just the answer. Targeted exclusively to field sales reps, this comprehensive, practical and hard hitting workshop shows your sales team how to use the phone more wisely, more effectively, and more powerfully to supplement their field sales visits. (And make to make more sales!)

Your reps will:

  • Become more confident on the phone
  • Save time and effort by qualifying prospects more effectively
  • Increase the number of sales visits
  • Improve the quality of their leads
  • Convert more leads to sales

Here is some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why field sales reps resist the telephone as a selling and marketing tool
  • How face to face selling differs from telephone selling
  • The critical role that voice (tone) plays in the selling process
  • Planning and preparation: How to maximize and leverage the telephone to field sales success
  • The Power of the Hour; Prime Time, Block Time and the Master Cycle List; establishing practical objectives
  • The 2 most effective ways to get decision maker names and company information
  • How to win the war against voice mail: 4 Strategies and 5 Techniques
  • The 3 ways to get past secretarial gatekeepers
  • How to get past call display
  • Using a pre-call planning sheet to help guide the call and achieve objectives
  • How to create and deliver a compelling opening statement to top decision makers that gets heard
  • Managing and overcoming common cold call objections
  • Using questions to effectively qualify AND disqualify prospects
  • How to develop and deliver a value added offer and set up an appointment
  • How to “advance” the sales cycle and how to avoid “watering a dead plant”
  • How to integrate the telephone with direct mail, e-mail, fax, dimensional mailers and field sales visits
  • When and how to make follow up calls
  • How to call a prospect’s “bluff”
  • How to gather GOOD referrals from prospects

Fear the Phone is perfect for a half day or a full day workshop depending on the needs of your field sales team.

For more information, call:


IV. Tele-Account Management:
How to Manage and Sell More to Existing Accounts

Are you looking for ways to increase revenues and profits with your existing account base?

Tele-Account management provides you and your sales team with a proven strategy that reduces attrition, increases sales and improves margin. Targeted to tele-sales reps who manage existing accounts, marginal and/or geographically remote accounts, this is one of the most powerful and effective workshops you will ever attend. Hard hitting and practical, Tele-Account Management shows you precisely how to develop an account plan, develop value and ‘equity’, and implement action items. This is a "must" workshop if you want to keep and grow your customer base.

Here is some of what you will learn

  • The #1 reason why customers leave
  • Understanding the “2 sides” of a business relationship
  • The role of personal and business “equity”
  • Planning and Preparation: The Blue Sheet Account Planning Tool
  • Identifying the key buyers in the account and building strategies to manage each of them
  • Developing opening statements that add value and make your client want to take the call
  • The 2 Reasons why customers don’t buy more from you
  • Questioning Techniques that uncover new opportunities
  • How to create, collect and implement a business and personal resource library
  • How to groom and nurture your relationship with your client and build value
  • Add On Selling Techniques: how to professionally and respectfully cross sell, up sell, close inquiries, gather referrals and much more
  • Scheduling the relationship: the do’s and don’ts of ongoing contact
  • Making friends with voice mail: how to use “voice memos” to sell and service your account
  • Getting past call display
  • How to “advance” the sales cycle
  • And much, much more

Call now for COMPLETE details on how this workshop can help your reps sell more and keep your clients happy:


V. Add On Selling (AOS):
How to Leverage and Squeeze Every Ounce of Potential from Every Call You Make or Take

Do you feel are maximizing the potential of every call your sales and customer service team takes or makes?

The purpose of this workshop is simple and powerful: to help you make the most out of every call you make or take. Targeted to inside sales teams, order desks, and customer service team this workshop provides you with proactive skills and techniques on how to sell more products and develop more marketing opportunities. This is one of the most popular workshops provided by Teleconcepts and one that is sure to increase revenues immediately!

Depending on your needs your reps will learn how to professionally and respectfully:

  • Cross sell appropriate products
  • Up sell on quantity or quality
  • Gather referrals
  • Convert more inquiries to sales
  • Reduce cancellations
  • Gather market intelligence
  • Generate a lead
  • Sell on a service call
  • And much more!

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • The Add On Selling (AOS) Concept
  • Why your customers don’t buy more from YOU
  • The 3 Reasons why companies resist AOS
  • 6 Reasons why inside sales and customer service reps avoid AOS
  • The 4 – Step AOS Process
  • How to take the initial inquiry, complaint or order and prep the caller fro the add on sell
  • The 7-Step process to improve listening skills
  • The Bridge: the role of the bridge in selling more product
  • Presenting the Offer: how to provide a value added message to your clients
  • The Close – How to professionally ask for the add on sell
  • Post call wrap up
  • The Add On Applications

Each workshop is customized to YOUR Company’s particular needs. For example, not all companies can implement an up sell program. No problem: we’ll remove it. In addition, your reps will work in groups to develop job aids and to practice the techniques so that they can be used immediately on the floor.

For more information, call:


VI. The Tele-Sales Coach
How to Turn Ordinary Reps into Extraordinary Reps

Do you want a better telesales team? One that can sell more in less time?

The purpose of this workshop is very simple: to make your tele-sales reps more successful at selling. That means more revenue, better margins, less turnover, improved morale, less frustration and headaches. In a word, it means: success.

Targeted expressly for tele-sales managers, this is THE most important investment you will ever make and one that will have the biggest single impact on the success of your sales team. Nothing, absolutely nothing will bring you better more sustained sales results than effective, consistent coaching. The reason is simple: coaching modifies behavior.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Why training, good compensation plans, and good hiring practices are not enough to increase sales
  • The myth of “hard work”
  • The myth of “It’s a numbers game”
  • The Homeostasis Factor in skill development
  • What sales reps hate the most about coaching
  • The 5 reasons why companies avoid coaching like the plague
  • The 3 Steps to Coaching: The Monitoring-Analyzing-Feedback Process
  • Understanding the role of monitoring
  • Avoiding the “Big Brother Syndrome”
  • The critical role of establishing skills standards
  • How to build an effective monitoring sheet
  • Understanding the role of analyzing
  • The Analyzing Algorithm
  • The role of feedback
  • The 4 feedback styles
  • The use of Socratic Feedback
  • The A, B, Cs and Rs of Coaching
  • How location impacts feedback
  • How to deal with ‘rock stars,’ 'old salts,' and “Dementors” and others
  • The challenge of implementing coaching in your company
  • Building a coaching action plan

Let me repeat: Nothing will get you more sustained sales results than coaching. If you invest in only one training program this year, invest in the “Tele-Sales Coach.”

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