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“Jim, here’s an e-mail I got from a prospect that I have been trying to penetrate for months. I took your advice about the dimensional mailer which I sent not long ago. Here’s what my prospect wrote:

“You are a class act. Just received your ‘doggie goodie basket. I must say…you’ve got my attention…”
Laura Dominguez
Sales Account Manager
Tape on Line
“Jim’s coaching workshops pulled no punches. It provided us with a practical and easy to implement process for coaching our reps. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Sales began improving within a month after implementing the program”
Jean-Pierre Pelchat
Sales Manager



2. Training Programs

Teleconcepts offers a number of training programs that focus entirely and exclusively on using the telephone more effectively at both a strategic and tactical level. All that really means to you is three things:
  1. these programs show you and your sales reps how to sell
  2. they show you and your sales reps how to sell more
  3. and they show you and your sales reps how to sell more profitably

2 Types of Training

We offer two types of training:

1. The first is standard training which is our ‘most popular’ in that they provide the core skills and tactics necessary to sell or generate leads.

2. The second type of training is customized training. As the name implies, customized training is training that is build around your market, your products, your company and your reps. It’s built to your specifications and needs. It’s yours to keep.

“Jim, I wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail saying thank you for the early kick in the pants with your training…Just a little highlight! I ended up the year at 117% of my overall plan, amongst a very small list of reps in the company! Your methodologies and strategies have helped as they have allowed me to get that first ‘in’ with many of my now high profile clients.”

Amol Sharma
Account Manager

1. Standard Training Programs

Listed below are the core training programs offered by Teleconcepts. All the workshops are highly interactive which means your reps participate with individual and group exercise. Put another way: they learn faster and apply the techniques quicker.

The trainings tailored to fit your needs. That means we interview you, your managers and some of your sales teams to find out the issues that impact your selling cycle. We use that information and emphasize it in the training.

There are 5 “standard” training courses offered. Three of them are for your sales team and the fourth is for your sales mangers. Here they are. Click on any of them to get more information:

1. Profiting by Phone Workshop- How to Effectively Sell Your Products and Services by Telephone


Selling over the telephone is a heck of a lot different than selling face to face. It’s tougher because you lack face to face contact. What this really means is that the tele-sales reps must be that much better when it comes to skills and techniques.

“Profiting by Phone” takes the mystery out of selling over the telephone. It is an absolute must for rookies and veterans alike because it will teach your reps everything from a-z about selling on the telephone. Everything! It is literally chalk full of practical skills and techniques that will make telephone selling faster, easier and more effective.

The secret to the training is the content. Everything that is presented has literally been ‘begged, borrowed or stolen’ from successful tele-sales reps around the North American. Everything works because every tactic has been transferred and tested with client after client.


The goal of this training is simple: to teach your sales reps sell more products in less time. Period. End of sentence.


To facilitate the learning we use the following techniques:

a. lecture
b. individual work exercise
c. group exercises
d. mini role plays
e. reading assignments

Outline – What is covered

Here are the 9 key modules covered in the workshop:

1. Understanding the Medium of the Telephone

  • This module looks at the fundamental differences between selling by telephone and selling face to face
  • Examines the role of your voice, of scripting and of listening

2. Pre Call Planning and Preparation

  • This modules reveals some rather unique techniques for gathering information on your target market
  • It includes the creation and development of the powerful “pre-call planning workshop” which helps the rep map an effective all

3. Opening Statements that Get Through the Clutter

  • With all the vendors out there using the telephone to contact clients, having a powerful opening statement is truly critical
  • This comprehensive module shows you how to construct an opening statement that gets your clients to listen

4. Getting Past Voice Mail & Other Gatekeepers

  • Perhaps the most requested module in the entire training, getting past voice mail is a skill that tele-sales reps MUST have
  • This module provides you with literally EVERYTHING you need to penetrate voice mail (and secretarial screens) and get through to more decision makers

5. Qualification and Needless Analysis

  • Based on over a dozen years of experience with dozens and dozens of clients, the secret to tele-sales success is effective question

Whether it is basic qualification or a complete needs analysis this module looks at the who, what, where and why of questioning

6. Presenting Your Solution/Offer

  • In the absence of face to face contact, it is critical for a tele-sales rep to have a presentation message that is clear and concise; that paints a vivid picture
  • This module shows the rep how to build a compelling message

7. Advancing and Closing the Sale

  • There are only four things that can happen at the end of a presentation: two of them are positive and two of them are negative
  • This module provides your rep with the skills to help avoid “watering dead plants” and advance the sales cycle and close the deal

8. Objections Handling

  • Handling an objection is a bit of art and a bit of science
  • The focus of this module is on teaching your rep to identify the ‘true’ objection

9. Post Call Wrap up

  • Often forgotten in selling is what a sales rep should do AFTER a sale has been made

2. “Tele-Account Selling Workshop– How to Build a Relationship, Add Value and Sell More by Using the Telephone”


Do you know the number one reason why customers leave and take their business elsewhere?* That’s the premise of this workshop: how to KEEP the customers you’ve got and how to GROW their revenues. This workshop is expressly designed for tele-sales reps that are responsible for managing and growing an existing account base.


The goal of this workshop is to help your sales team build value, sell more product and reduce attrition. It shows your sales rep how to build a contact strategy using the telephone and other media.

Using a 5-Step process, this workshop is the “thinking person’s” guide to selling. It shows your reps how to build a comprehensive account plan, how to build value and leverage that value, how to expand “customer share” and get a bigger portion of the customer’s selling dollar. In effect, it shows the rep how to Think, Plan and Execute.

So, what is the real impact? We take an account strategy and we marry it to specific skills and in doing this we help develop a rep who sells smarter, who sells faster, and who increases revenue and profitability results.

*(Incidentally: The #1 reason why customers leave is due to neglect. Surveys reveal that 68% of those customers who leave, do so because they felt ignored.)


The workshop uses a variety of teaching methods which help facilitate learning. These include:

  • individual exercises
  • lecture led
  • group exercises
  • reading assignments


Module #1: Build Equity

• This module looks at the dynamics of a customer and focuses on the fact that customers buy at two distinct levels
• Perhaps the most significant module, attendees will learn how to precisely build equity in the relationship by creating a “value added library”

Module #2: Target the Market

• It’s a fact. Not all accounts are created equal. This modules gets the reps to THINK of who and why and how to call their client base

Module #3: Think, Plan and Schedule

• Using a unique planning sheet your reps will learn how to map out a contact strategy that cost effectively employs a variety of media
• By the end of the workshop, your reps will have a WORKING plan they can implement the next day

Module #4: Implementation

• “Nothing happens if nothing happens.” This is the heart of the message in this module
• Your reps will learn how to implement the program and stick to it

Module #5: Evaluation

• The final modules examines ways to assess your program’s effectiveness, how to adjust your course and keep the focus on the client and on sales!

3. “Add On Selling” Workshop: How to Squeeze Every Ounce of Potential from Every Call You Make or Take.”


Do you think your sales team could sell more? Do you get the feeling you could or should be more profitable? Would you like to see the average value of your sales increase?

If so, this could possibly be the most significant training you can provide your tele-sales team, bar none.


This workshop shows you how you can increase the value of a sale or a marketing opportunity. It shows you how to squeeze and leverage every single ounce of potential from every single call you make or take.

Add On Selling (AOS) focuses on a process that you can implement AFTER you have taken an order, or handled an inquiry, or deal with a complaint or virtually any conversation you have with your client.


One of the most beneficial aspects of the AOS workshop is that you get to choose the application (s) that best fit the nature of your business. It kind of like a buffet of sales training: you have a number of choices and you get to pick only those that will give you the biggest bang for the buck.

Here are some of the applications:

- Increase the value of a sale by Cross Selling
- How to Professionally Use Up Selling
- How to Successfully Gathering Referrals
- How to Gather Marketing Intelligence
- Converting a Basic Inquiries into a Sale
- How to Generate a Lead
- Selling on the a Complaint Call
- How Convert a Cancellation
- Selling on a Service Call
- Using “Down Selling” to Save a Sale

This workshop works equally well for inbound calls as well as outbound calls. It is based on the premise that it is tough to contact a customer or a prospect and therefore that opportunity should be leveraged to the max!

Using a simple, practical and proven 4-Step Process your reps will learn how to professionally and respectfully sell more products or develop more opportunities for you department.

The workshop is rich with group interaction and work exercises so that your reps will learn and apply the techniques faster and with more success. We build job aids galore so that by the end of the session your reps can literally walk onto the floor and begin selling.

4. Tele-Prospecting Workshop– How to Generate, Manage and Nurture Leads


Do you find that the vast majority of your tele-sales reps (or field reps, for that matter) would rather chew off a body part then pick up the phone and prospect?

Joking aside, it’s understandable. They fear rejection. And with all the calls your prospects are getting from your competitors and others, it is little wonder that prospecting is getting tougher and tougher every day.

This workshop takes the sting out of prospecting and it does so in two ways:

First, it provides your reps with proven skills and techniques that help create confidence when tele-prospecting.

But secondly, and far more importantly, the workshop also provides your prospectors with a 7-Step Tele-Prospecting Contact Strategy. What that really boils down to is that it shows your reps what to do AFTER the call. It teaches them to think four, five, six, and SEVEN steps ahead.

In short, they are given a game plan that includes using the internet, direct mail and fax to supplement their calling efforts. It immediately helps the reps who hang up the phone and say “Well, what next?”

This is a very, very GOOD workshop.

I know that statement is self serving. But it is also true. Not because I say it but because clients say it.

It is hard hitting.

It’s practical.

And if you can believe it, it’s fun.

Sales reps actually like the workshop because it shows them that it is not just about hard work – the dialing (which is important) but also about smart work – finessing the client.

If you are interested in generating better leads and converting those leads into sales, this is the workshop for you.

The Tele-Sales Coach Workshop- How to Turn Ordinary Reps into Extraordinary Reps

What if someone told you there was a guaranteed way to help your sales reps sell more on a continuous basis?

There is a way! It’s called coaching. Park your assumptions about coaching outside the door. I am not talking about wandering the sales floor and dispensing little pearls of sales wisdom. I am not talking about having an “open door policy.” And I am certainly not talking about ad hoc advice that begins with “In my day, we used to handle an objection…”

I am talking about a 3-Step Process that is proven to work.


The goal of this workshop is to make your sales managers and better coach. And in making them a better coach they will help your reps sell smarter, sell faster and sell more.

This is a workshop for your sales manager and it is the single most important training your manager can take. That’s a bold statement but it is true.


This is a gritty, gutsy workshop because it shows your managers how to coach- truly coach- your sales team to use the skills and techniques they’ve pick up in training. It’s a workshop on how to change and modify the sales behavior of your sales reps.

Module #1: The Myths and Legends of Coaching

• In this module, we’ll explore some of typical myths and legends of coaching
• It will show how and why hiring ‘good’ people is not enough
• It will examine how training is a complete waste of money if it stands on its own
• And it will reveal that a good compensation plan and incentive program are really meaningless

Module #2: Resistance to Coaching

• This is an utterly revealing segment of the training that explores the reasons why managers avoid coaching
• In addition, we’ll look at why sales reps either passively or assertively resist coaching efforts

Module #3: The Coach Process – Defined

• This module provides an overview the MAF process

Module #4: Monitoring

• Coaching begins with monitoring: you can’t coach what you don’t see/hear
• We dissect and discuss monitoring from beginning to end including the core of the coaching process: the STANDARD
• In this section we’ll build a call monitoring sheet to make the monitoring process fast and effective

Module #5: Analyzing

• Analyzing means “thinking” about what you have heard and determine if it is to standard, not to standard, or above standard…and they determining what to do next
• Using a powerful algorithm job aid, you will be able to objectively analyze each and every call

Module #6: Feedback

• In this module, we’ll look at the different methods of providing feedback and when and where you should use them
• We’ll also look at dealing with difficult situations such as “rock stars” (top reps), “old salts” (veteran reps), and rookies

Module #7: Implementing Coaching

• The workshop will conclude with the managers building a coaching implementation plan

2. Customized Training Workshop

Sales training is vital but have you sometimes felt that the training your reps receive is a little too generic? Do you suspect that if the material was more focused on your products, your market and your selling cycle, that the training would be far more powerful and effective?

If you see training as an integral part of your sales process the perhaps you should consider the benefits of a customized training.


The goal of a customized training workshop is to provide a sales training that is built entirely and exclusively around your products/services, your prospect and customers, and the needs of your rep.

At the end of the day, you will get a training workshop that you own and that you or your sales managers can present over and over again.


A customized training will:

• Save you the time and energy of having you or your managers build your own training program

• Provides you with the skills ‘standards’ which make coaching far easier and far more effective

• Reduces the overall cost of having to bring an outside trainer whenever you require training

• Provides your sales team with skills, examples, job aids, and call guides that are focused on your products and service which makes the training much more effective

• and because they are 100% relevant your reps apply the skills immediately which inevitably means more sales and better sales

4 Simple Steps

There are four fundamental steps to implementing a customized training program:

1. Audit and Review

- The customized training begins with a 2-3 day on site visit by Teleconcepts
- The purpose of the visit is to monitor dozens…hundreds…of calls to get a feel for your sale, your products/services, the type of sale, your prospects and customers
- In addition, we will interview you and your sales team to determine what areas need the most focus and concentration
- The information is used to build a training that reflects your selling situation

2. The Outline

The next step is the draft of an outline for the training

  • The outline is sent to you for review and editing thus making sure that the training is precisely what you need

This may take two or three drafts but the end result is a training that thoroughly provides your reps with the skills they need to sell more of your product/services

3. Delivery

- Teleconcepts will then present the training workshop to your sales team
- The real objective is for your sales managers and/or trainers to observe the training approach, to hear the stories and examples, to take notes, and to see how it comes together
- In addition, this step allows for final editing and input by your sales team

4. Coaching

- Finally, Teleconcepts will sit on a training session or two with your sales presenters with the objective of providing tips, suggestions and recommendations
- This coaching phase is invaluable because it ensures your sales presenters understand the material

What You Get

In terms of ‘tangibles’, here is what you get:

  • Delivery of the training plus the coaching
  • Written training manual for you to copy and provide your reps
  • Job aids (e.g., objections charts, presentation sheets etc.)
  • Power Point slides
  • Articles and other resource materials


Customized training is not for every company or situation but if you feel you could benefit from such a workshop or if you want to find more, then simply:

For more information, call: