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4. Lunch & Learn Tele-Seminars

Do you want to keep your sales reps selling skills sharp but you don’t want to rob a bank to do it?

If so, Teleconcepts “Lunch and Learn” Tele-Seminars are the answer. These bite sized, 1-hour workshops are conducted from noon to 1:00 (EST), typically on Fridays. Based on requests from tele-sales reps across North America, each session provides intense focus on a particular skill, technique or tactic.

Goal of the Lunch & Learns

The goal of the Lunch and Learn Sessions is obvious: to provide your reps with skills and knowledge that help them sell more.

Sales Rep Outline

Make the Lunch & Learn a mini event. Order a few pizzas or a pile of subs for your sales team, and join us as we look at such topics as:

  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper: 3 Sure Fire Ways to Get Past the Gatekeeper and to the Decision Maker
  • Add On Selling: How to Squeeze Every Ounce of Sales and Marketing Potential from the Calls You Make or Take
  • How to Get “Lucky” in Tele-Sales: 26 Tips on How to Improve Your Sales Luck
  • Advanced Objections Handling: How to Get to the Bottom of an Objection
  • The Opening Statement Workshop: How to Get the Decision Maker to Listen to Your Call
  • The Customer from Hell: 5 Strategies to Taming the Wild Beast Customer
  • Advanced Questioning Skills: How to Cut to the Quick and Find the Information You Need to Sell More

Each participant will be e-mailed a comprehensive workbook to help guide them through the session.

Chalk full of examples, the workbook is also an interactive tool. Reps will complete mini-exercises to help increase learning and usage. Each workbook has a list of resources and links for further learning.

We also use guest speakers to add additional perspective. Here’s just a few of the featured experts:

  • tele-sales guru and trainer extraordinaire (as well as friend, mentor, and barbeque champion) Art Sobczak will be providing in depth sessions such as “49 Ways to Deal with Smoke Screen Objections”
  • Field sales expert Dave Kahle provides a wealth of experience and knowledge to the session.
  • Paul Rowland, sales trainer al the way from England will give us his “over the pond” ABC formula for sales success
  • Brian Jeffrey, aka the “Sales Wizard” will tackle some of the grittier issues confronting sales teams

Sales Manager Outline

Teleconcepts also provides Lunch & Learn sessions for tele-sales managers and supervisors. These are exceptional sessions at exceptional value that look at all manner of issues confronting tele-sales programs.

You know and I know there is precious little information out there that supports tele-sales. What better way to stay current with the latest trends, ideas and techniques in the world of B to B tele-selling? Join dozens of your colleagues as they share their insights into managing a tele-sales team.

Here is some of what we’ll look at:

"Confessions of a 15 Year Consultant: How to Effectively Recruit, Select and Hire GOOD Tele-Sales Reps”

“48 Ways to Get More Sales From Your Reps: Tried, Tested and True Techniques to Make a Winning Tele-Sales Team

“Coaching Under Achievers: Secrets to Get the Most from the Least”

“To Script or Not to Script: How to Build a B to B Call Guide That’s Easy to Use (And it Works!)

We also have featured speakers as well to provide outside perspectives. For instance:

  • Mark Morin, president of Direct Marketing Strategies will look at using direct mail to develop and maintain a B to B Relationship
  • And don’t miss Dave Worman also known as the Doctor of Motivation as he looks at how to motivate with out money
  • If you are looking for a way to develop a tele-sales job profile and use it to find the absolute best tele-sales reps, then be sure to attend Arun Channan’s workshop
  • Dan Scheunert of On Path will look at the pros and cons of using a service bureau

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