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“Jim's coaching of the “humble approach” opening statement helped me get in the door of a corporation where I landed a million dollar account.”
Brian Condie
Financial Advisor
BMO Nesbitt Burns

3. Coaching Services

Teleconcepts Consulting provides one on one and group coaching for individuals and corporations. If you are looking for that ‘competitive edge’ that will make you more effective, then coaching might be the answer.


The goal of coaching is really quite simple: not unlike the services of a physical trainer, Teleconcepts helps you get in ‘sales shape. Depending on your particular needs, Teleconcepts will help you improve your skills as a tele-sales rep or a tele-sales manager. Ultimately, this means better sales results as a sales rep or more effectiveness as a manager.

Outline – 3 Hats

Teleconcepts wears three hats when it comes to working with you or your team: the coaching hat, the cheerleading hat and the conscience hat. These three roles help provide you with the knowledge, skills and the discipline to become a better rep or manager.

1. Wearing the coaching hat: we will help you identify the areas that need work. It might be developing an opening statement; it might be better time management, or the handling of objections, or the creation of an incentive program. It might be any number of things. But the bottom line is we’ll do the analysis and then build a program or process to help you get into “sales shape”.

2. Wearing the cheerleading hat: we’ll provide you with the positive encouragement you need to stay the course. Through a series of planned telephone (or face to face visits) we’ll keep you or your sales team on track. We’ll pat you on the back, we’ll encourage you, and we’ll cheer you on and celebrate your success. We’re in your corner and sometimes that’s as important as the skills we support.

3. And finally wearing the conscience hat: we’ll act as a reminder of what needs to be done, or what has not been done. We ask the tough questions. We get you to think about what hasn’t been done and more importantly, what you need to do to achieve success. I don’t want to disguise it: we’ll be the little dark cloud that reminds us we have been procrastinating…but that too, is a part of a formula for success. And most of us need this role to be played from time to time.

Is Coaching For You?


As mentioned, Teleconcepts provides coaching for individuals and teams. If you are a sales rep and you want extra help, assistance and guidance to meet and exceed your goals and objectives, Teleconcepts would be glad to help.

Typically, coaching for individuals occurs over the telephone using the internet to provide support. Sometimes a single session is all that is required to get you moving. Sometimes it takes a little longer.


If you are a sales executive or sales manager and you want someone to monitor, analyze and provide feedback to your team, Teleconcepts can help. Incidentally, your team might include your managers and/or your sales force. We’ve help develop and nurture rookie sales managers and we’ve helped entire sales teams improve their productivity and effectiveness.

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