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“…Tele-Profiting is virtually the ONLY-and best- source for B to B tele-sales information for tele-sales managers and executives…”
Steve Cowan
Tele-Sales Director
Jonas Software
“…there are lots of newsletters on how to sell using the telephone but there’s virtually nothing for tele-sales managers. Tele-Profiting is what sales managers like me have been crying for.”
Doug Lobel
Tele-Sales Manager
““Finally, someone has cracked the code on telephone selling and made it easy to understand, easy to learn and even easier to apply. Really good stuff.”
Gina Anselmo
Key Account Representative
Analgesic Healthcare
“The Vitamins e-newsletter builds sales strength. They make me think, shake me up, improve my approach, give me the confidence and the skills I need to get through to decision makers and make the sale.”
Anthony Petruccelli
BMO Nesbitt Burns



Teleconcepts has two newsletters for your reading and learning pleasure.

1. Tele Profiting

Tele-Profiting E-zine is targeted to tele-sales managers, sales executives and owners who are looking for the latest information on how to make their tele-sales department run more effectively and more profitably. 

This monthly newsletter explores virtually every aspect of your tele-sales department. Whether it’s hiring techniques, compensation programs, marketing strategies, call management processes, “scripting”, coaching issues or strategic planning, you’ll get dozens of insights on how to maximize your telephone selling effort, get more dollars in the door, and improve your margin. <click here for more information>

2. Tele-Sales Vitamins

Tele-Sales Vitamins is aimed at tele-sales reps, field sales representatives, sales supervisors and sales managers who are interested in learning how to use the telephone more effectively to make cold calls, qualify prospects, set more appointments or sell more product in less time. It’s that simple.

Quite frankly, it’s one of the best B to B newsletters in the e-world today. This is not because I say it, it’s because you say it. It’s full of practical, common sense techniques that work. <Click here for more information>

1. Tele-Profiting E-Newsletter

Tele-sales managers, sales executives, and owners are you unhappy with the results you’re getting from you tele-sales program?

If you’re like the vast majority owners, executive or tele-sales managers you’re probably not totally satisfied with the results you’ve been getting from your tele-sales department. You suspect that your tele-sales team is capable of doing a little bit better:  a better contact rate, better leads, a better sales rate, better profitability and better overall success …but you are not precisely certain how to get them to the next level.

If this sounds like your situation then “Tele-Profiting” is the e-newsletter for you. Tele-Profiting is a monthly e-newsletter that focuses exclusively on issues that impact the effectiveness and profitability of your tele-sales department.

 Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • Understanding that tele-sales is NOT “just about the numbers”
  • To script or not to script
  • Why most training DOESN’T work… and what you can do to fix it
  • How to avoid hiring ‘dead wood’ by recruiting the best reps for YOUR tele-sales application
  • The single most important task your sales managers can do to consistently increase sales
  • How to reduce the high cost of turnover, keep your reps and improve your margins
  • Why a good compensation program is simply not enough to motivate your sales team
  • How to use “add on selling” techniques to increase the value of every call your reps make or take
  • How to groom and nurture your existing accounts, build equity and reduce customer turnover
  • Little known tele-sales applications and strategies that can increase your share and boost your sales
  • How to build job aids that support the selling effort
  • And much, much more

In addition, you’ll get the latest tips, techniques, tactics and ideas on what is working and not working in the market today.  Chalk full of insights Tele-Profiting is a must for anyone involved with B to B telephone selling and marketing.  If you’re interested in getting the very most from your tele-sales department then sign up now!

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2. Tele-Sales Vitamins E-Newsletter

Tele-sales reps: are you frustrated with the results of your telephone selling effort?

Are you struggling with gatekeepers that screen and deflect your calls, with voice mails that go unanswered, with decision makers who won’t give you 10 seconds of time, with presentations that lack pizzazz, and with closes that just don’t close?

If so, you’re not alone. Not by a long shot.  Selling over the telephone can be a tough, long haul. And if you are not well skilled, your career in tele-sales will be short and painful or long and agonizing.  

But there is hope.

If you are looking for a way to improve your selling skills, a way to enhance your approach to the market, a way to get prospects and clients to lift their heads and listen, a way to present your ideas in a more compelling manner, and a way to become more effective and more successful in every aspect of tele-sales then Tele-Sales Vitamins e-newsletter is the answer!

You will receive the latest tips, techniques and tactics that take the mystery out of telephone selling.  Tele-Sales Vitamins gives you that competitive edge that will set you apart. Every idea, every method and every process has literally been begged, borrowed or stolen from tele-sales reps –just like you- from around North America. They’re practical and they work, and they’ll help you sell more.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to plan AND attain your call objectives Strategies and tactics on how to effectively yet professionally deal with “gatekeepers from hell”

  • The best ways to win the insidious war against voice mail

  • How to develop and deliver an opening statement that gets through the clutter

  • Scenario questions: how to ask sensitive questions that get to the heart of the client’s needs

  • How to develop a compelling message that gets the client to take action NOW

  • Reducing the sales cycle by learning how to avoid “watering dead plants’

  • Strategies to manage your time

  • Techniques & processes on how to build equity in your client relationships

  • How to  groom and manage leads to closing

  • How to deal with “specific” and “vague” objections

  • Managing the fear of closing
    and much, much more.

Tele-Sales Vitamins is a great learning resource. It’s long enough to give you the details you need to be successful but short enough that it doesn’t bog you down with unnecessary fluff. Fun to read, easy to learn, and simple to apply Tele-Vitamins is everything you need to become a tele-sales pro.

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“The Top 10 Voice Mail Blunders and What You Can do to Avoid Them”
Special Report

Do you make any of these mistakes? Sign up right now and find out. This Special Report represents 17+ years of tele-sales consulting and training wisdom and experience. Culled from tele-sales reps from the US, Canada and Europe this Special Report chronicles the most frequent mistakes made by tele-sales reps and what you can do to avoid them.

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