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Training Workshops and Seminars - Outlines

Teleconcepts has been providing training seminars and workshops for over fifteen years and specializes exclusively on the effective use of the telephone in a business to business environment. Teleconcepts provides only “in house” training rather than public seminars. This means better sales results for you and your sales reps.

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5 Reasons Why Teleconcepts Training is For You

1. Behavior Based

First and foremost, Teleconcepts provides behavior based training. Behavior based training refers to changing the selling behavior of your sales reps. In simpler terms, it means training that helps gets rid of old, ineffective (albeit, comfortable) habits and replaces them with proven and successful selling habits.

This is done through a combination of presentation styles and methods. The workshop includes lecture format supplemented with various interactive individual and group exercises to facilitate learning and change behavior. Finally, role plays sessions are utilized in certain key areas to reinforce a particular skill or technique.

2. In House-Tailored

Teleconcepts provides “in house,” tailored training for you and your sales reps.

What this really means is that you will not receive an “off-the-shelf”, rigid and generic training but rather a fully tailored presentation to meet the specific needs of your reps and your target market. Prior to an in house training, Teleconcepts conducts extensive interviews with key personnel in your sales organization with the objective of determining the strengths and weaknesses of your selling process and to determine which specialized training best meets your needs. Teleconcepts also scans your web site, promotional material and other selling aids in order to integrate them into the training session.

Bottom line? Your sales reps get training that is meaningful and relevant to them. Because the training is applicable to their specific needs it helps change their sales behavior. Ultimately, it means more sales!

3. Flexibility

Teleconcepts has flexible training modules. In other words, you can mix, match and omit various training modules depending on your needs. You can expand on some modules and reduce on others. There is no wasted time or effort in the training. You get only what you need. This makes the training far more targeted and pertinent to your reps and, in turn, makes implementing new skills easier and more successful.

4. Support Materials

Each workshop comes with an extensive and comprehensive workbook that can be used as a resource tool long after the training. It becomes a handy support guide to implementing the selling skills provided in the training. In addition to the workbook, your sales reps will also be provided with a variety of interactive selling aids (templates, charts and other tools) that can be used on every single call.

Attendees will also receive a no-charge subscription to Teleconcepts highly acclaimed e- newsletter “Tele-Sales Vitamins.” Provided on a weekly basis, the e-newsletter provides ongoing training ideas to your reps so that the learning never stops.

Finally, in most workshops, sales reps will receive a copy of one of Jim Domanski’s best selling books (“Profiting by Phone” or “Add on Selling”). These books help build and maintain the knowledge base of your reps so that they continue to sell more effectively.

5. Enjoyable

The workshops and seminars are just plain fun. Using wit, humor and interaction, the workshops make learning both non-threatening and enjoyable. Participants positively rave about the relaxed atmosphere that encourages participation and learning. When tasks and activities are fun, learning increases and behavior is more easily modified.

Listed below are the workshops provided by Teleconcepts. These are outlines designed to give you a feel for the types of training your reps can receive. Remember that all the training modules are flexible and can be added, deleted or modified.

Training courses

  1. The Tele-Sales Coach
    How to Quickly and Easily Monitor, Assess and Coach Your Reps to Sales Success
  2. Fear the Phone and Dial it Anyway
    Telephone Prospect Techniques and Skills for the Reluctant Field Sales Rep
  3. The 1% Solution
    How to Use the Telephone to Effectively Sell Your Products
  4. Relationship Selling & Account Management
    How to Nurture, Groom and Grow Your Accounts by Telephone
  5. Add On Selling
    How to Squeeze Every Ounce of Potential From Every Call You Make or Take

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