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Relationship Selling & Account Management
How to Nurture, Groom and Grow Your Accounts by Telephone


Relationship Selling is one of the most important investments you and your sales team can make. It will immediately change the way you manage and sell to your existing customers.

This workshop will show you the typical mistakes sales reps make when managing customers and why those customers leave. Using the concept of “Think, Plan, Do” (TPD) you will learn to strategically think about your customers, plan your relationship step by step, and then actually DO (implement) what you plan. Bottom line? An extraordinary loyal customer who buys more!

It will teach your sales team how to build a solid relationship with your clients that not only builds value but also builds trust and respect. The workshop introduces account plans that are practical and easy to use but are thoroughly and effective. They work. Period! More significantly, reps will learn how to implement their strategy using a step by step process.

This is one of the most refreshing and unique workshops you will ever attend. It takes the complex concept of strategy and breaks it down into simple, easy to understand tactics that you can implement immediately. Best of all, it works. Relationship Selling has been implemented by numerous companies and it works!

Enough said. Call now to book this workshop for your staff..

Each workshop comes complete with:

  • a comprehensive 100+ page workbook
  • job aids galore designed to help you sell faster and easier
  • a large variety of articles and other resource material
  • a no-charge subscription to Jim Domanski’s weekly e-newsletter “Tele-Sales Vitamins
    (click here to see a sample)
  • a copy of Jim’s best selling text
    You Inc.

Here’s Just Some of What
You’ll Learn:
  • The Relationship TPD Model:
    Think, Plan and Do
  • The Sales Fling vs. Sales Relationship
  • The 8 Laws of Relationship Selling
  • The 3 Requirements of Loyal Customers
  • How we Destroy Relationships
  • The 5-Steps to Building a Lasting Sales Relationship
  • Mindmapping your Accounts
    (Using the Great Big Blue)
  • How to Build & Use a Value Added Library
  • How to Use E-mail, Fax and Direct Mail to Build an Integrated Contact Strategy
  • Applying the “Pretty Ugly Principle”:
  • How to Get Your Documents Read and Understood
  • The Reciprocity Factor
  • Scheduling Your Relationship
  • How to integrate your strategy with your sales call
  • And much, much more.

Who Should Attend
This course is for B to B inside telesales representatives and their managers


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