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Fear the Phone and Dial It Anyway
Telephone Prospecting Techniques and Skills for
Reluctant Field Sales Reps


If you are in field sales and have an aversion to picking up the phone and making a cold call, then this seminar is for you. Or maybe you just need a little polishing when communicating by telephone. Jam-packed with proven ideas, strategies and tips this workshop will show you how to be more effective by using the telephone to prospect, generate leads and make appointments.

You’ll learn how to cut straight through the clutter and get to decision makers more often. You’ll learn how to get them to listen and to respond. And, you’ll learn to quickly identify if the prospect is worth your time and effort.

This is a good workshop. It’s very good because the things you learn work! There is nothing –absolutely nothing – that has not been tested by field sales reps across the country. Every idea, skill, strategy, tip and technique was copied, borrow or if necessary, stolen from successful sales reps.

The workshop comes complete with:

  • a comprehensive workbook
    job aids to make your calling faster, easier and more effective
  • articles which help reinforce the ideas and concepts
  • a subscription to Jim’Domanski’s e-newsletter, Tele-Sales Vitamins
  • and a copy of Jim’s text “Profiting by Phone.”

Here’s Just Some of What
You’ll Learn:
  • How the Telephone Differs from Face to Face Sales … and what you can do about it
  • The Myths and Legends of E-Mail, Direct Mail and Fax
  • How to thoroughly plan and organize your call for greater success
  • How to create an opening statement that gets through the clutter
  • The 3 Strategies Of Dealing with Secretarial Screens
  • The 4 Strategies to Manage and Penetrate Voice Mail
  • How to use e-mail wisely and successfully to penetrate new accounts
  • How to develop and deliver a set of qualifying questions to determine if your “watering a dead plant”
  • How to Advance the call to the next step in the sales cycle
  • How to Manage and Nurture a lead
  • The 3 steps to Identifying and Managing an Objection
  • And much more!


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