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Add On Selling
How to Squeeze Every Ounce of Potential From Every Call You Make or Take


Add on Selling is one the most unique courses on the market today because it shows you how to squeeze, wring, and extract every ounce of potential from every contact you make or take. It is unique because it is a course that works for equally well for proactive, outbound B to B reps as it does for reactive, inbound customer service and order desk applications. Put simply: it helps you make more with less.

Add On Selling is based on the E.C.H.O. Principle. ECHO means “every call has opportunity.” It’s true. Every call is jam packed with a number of opportunities that are often forgotten, ignored and by passed. This workshop shows you how you can make the very most out of every single call you make or take. It shows you how to seize the opportunity.

If you are seeking to make your sales reps more profitable, this workshop is for you. If you want to make your inbound ‘cost center’ a profit center then this workshop is an ABSOLUTE must for you. If you think your customers and prospects want more than “just the basics,” Add On Selling is the right choice.

Every skill and technique is presented with polish and style. Reps learn how to professionally engage clients and present the add on with class. The workshop teaches reps how add on selling creates value to both the customer and the prospect. It is superb!

Each workshop comes complete with:

  • a comprehensive 100+ page workbook
  • job aids galore designed to help you sell faster and easier
  • a large variety of articles and other resource material designed to support the concepts taught in the course
  • a no-charge subscription to Jim Domanski’s weekly e-newsletter “Tele-Sales Vitamins”
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  • a copy of Jim’s best selling text
    Add On Selling
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Here’s Just Some of What
You’ll Learn:
  • The ECHO Principle: Every Call Has Opportunity
  • How Add On Selling creates value
  • What customers and prospects REALLY want from a customer service and/or sales reps
  • The 13 Add On Applications
    Cross selling with class
    Professional up selling
    Converting inquires to sales
    Gathering referrals
    Selling on cancellations
    Gathering market intelligence
    Generating and qualifying leads
    Converting a complaint into a sale
    Selling on the Collections Call
    Selling on a service call
    Using E-mail to help sell more product
    Down Selling
    The Outbound Follow Up
    The 4-Step Process of Add On Selling
    Creating Add On Selling job aids


Who Should Attend
This course is for B to B inside telesales representatives and their managers


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