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The 1% Solution
How to Use the Telephone to Effectively Sell Your Products

The objective of this course is to teach telesales reps how to effectively and professionally sell their products and services by telephone. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is not a workshop on telemarketing. The 1% Solution takes a 5-Step consultative, needs oriented and question-based approach to selling. It applies equally well to both simple and complex sales.

Based on the simple, yet powerful concept of improving skills and techniques by 1-2% in dozens of different areas in the selling process, sales reps will learn practical, hard hitting skills to make selling easier and more successful. Every tip, every idea, every skill, strategy and technique has been literally begged, borrowed and if necessary, stolen from successful B to B telesales reps across North American. It is an absolutely “no bull” workshop jammed packed with skills that can be applied immediately. Everything works!

Quite simply, quite honestly this is one the best workshops on tele-selling in the country.

Each workshop comes complete with:

  • a comprehensive 100+ page workbook
  • job aids galore designed to help you sell faster and easier
  • a large variety of articles and other resource material designed to support the concepts taught in the course
  • a no-charge subscription to Jim Domanski’s weekly e-newsletter “Tele-Sales Vitamins” (click here to see a sample of the book)
  • a copy of Jim’s best selling text “Profiting by Phone
    (click here to learn more about the book)

Here’s Just Some of What
You’ll Learn:
  • The 1% Solution Concept and the 5 Step Process to Selling by Telephone
  • Selling by Telephone: How it Differs and How to Leverage the Medium
  • How to Effectively Plan Your Days and Plan Call to Achieve your Objectives
  • How to Use E-mail, Fax and Direct Mail to Assist you in the selling process
  • How to Create Powerful and Compelling Opening Statements that Gets Through the Clutter and Get Heard
  • The 4 Strategies To Penetrate Voice Mail
  • The 4/3 Strategy to Following Up
  • The 3 Methods of Dealing With Secretarial Gatekeepers
  • How to Use Questioning and Probing to Assess Client Needs
  • The 4 Reasons Why Most Sales are Poor Questioners
  • 7 Steps to Improving Your Listening Skills
  • How to Professionally and Succinctly Present Your Sales Message
  • How to Advance, Close or Scrap Your Call
  • The 3-Step Process to Identifying and Handling Objections

Who Should Attend
This course is for B to B outbound telesales reps and inside sales representatives and their managers


Who Should Attend?
-telesales managers and supervisors, inside sales managers and supervisors


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