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Tele-Sales Vitamins is a weekly newsletter absolutely crammed full of tips, techniques and strategies on how to use the telephone more effectively to help you

  • sell more
  • generate better leads
  • and increase customer satisfaction

Regardless of whether you are an inside sales rep, a field rep, an inbound order taker or customer service rep, if you're looking for ways to maximize and leverage your telephone usage then Tele-Sales Vitamins is a must!!

To see a copy of Tele-Sales Vitamins click here.

Each week, you'll receive a ton of tips on how to use the phone to prospect, to set appointments, to close the sale, to generate leads and referrals, to cross sell and up sell, and to gather market intelligence. You'll learn:

  • how to develop opening statements that get the listener to take action
  • how to use the internet, direct mail, fax and email, to increase response and client acceptance
  • how to manage voice mail and other gate keepers
  • prospecting tips that help you DISQUALIFY the client
  • consultative questioning techniques
  • how to identify key buying signals
  • how to identify and respond to objections
  • how to provide 'solutions' and not just products or service
  • and much, much more!

Every idea, every tip, every single technique is tried, tested and true. They work. Nothing silly, nothing complex, nothing bizarre! They are practical, hard hitting ideas that have been taken from reps who have used them in a huge variety of industries covering a vast range of products and services.

Provided on a weekly basis, the newsletter keeps your learning curve pointed upwards. And that means better results regardless of how you are using the phone. Some great ideas that you can implement immediately, but not so much as to overwhelm you.

Click here to order your FREE copy today, see for yourself and watch your sales soar!



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