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Jim Domanski

About Jim Domanski

For over 15 years, Jim Domanski has been president and CEO of Teleconcepts Consulting and is considered one of North America and Europe’s foremost leading experts in the field of business to business tele-sales consulting and training. With clients around the world, Jim has pioneered some of the most innovative and successful tele-sales strategies in today’s marketplace.

With well over twenty years of practical, “in the trenches” experience as a consultant and trainer, Jim has written three highly successful books on tele-sales strategies and tactics ( Direct Line to Profits, Profiting by Phone and Add On Selling). A fourth book on tele-sales coaching is due in the autumn of 2003. He is also the editor and publisher of the highly acclaimed weekly e-newsletter Tele-Sales Vitamins.

A prolific and witty writer, Jim has written hundreds of articles and has been featured in numerous newspapers, newsletters and magazines including Marketing Magazine, Advertising Age, Tele-Professional, Sales and Marketing Management, Selling Power, Profit Magazine, Business by Phone and Canadian Business and has appeared various radio and TV programs.

As an international trainer, Jim Domanski has implemented some of the most unique and effective tele-sales training programs in North America and Europe. By blending humor with hard hitting, practical tips and techniques, his seminars are thoroughly dynamic, highly interactive and extremely effective. Attendees consistently provide rave reviews about the material and content of all Jim’s training programs. A certified professional speaker, Jim has also provides the outbound tele-sales seminars for Canadian Professional Sales Association and consistently rates “fives” (out of five) across the board in evaluations.

Jim lives in Ottawa, Ontario, is married with two boys. He is an accomplished cook, a voracious reader, a Civil War buff and a collector of edged weapons.



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