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Teleconcepts Consulting is an international business to business, consulting and training firm that helps both businesses and individuals achieve and exceed their sales and marketing goals by developing or enhancing proactive and reactive telephone selling and lead generation programs.

(In simpler terms, Teleconcepts helps you use the telephone more effectively to sell more products and services. Guaranteed!)
This web site will be of interest to three types of visitors

1. The Executive
  • If you are looking to improve, supplement or refurbish your selling strategy by using the telephone as a key selling medium, click on Consulting Service to see how Teleconcepts can help you
  • Or if you feel your reps need training, click on Training Programs

2. The Manager/Supervisor

  • If you are a sales manager or supervisor and you are looking for training as a means of increasing sales, click on Training Programs for a complete review of the in house, tailored training provided by Teleconcepts
  • Or, if you are searching for information on how to make your sales team more effective, click on the Resource Center ( TIP: check out Dave Worman’s book on “Motivating With Sales Contests” if you are looking for ways to motivate your reps)
  • Take a moment to review Teleconcept’s Free E-newsletter (Tele-Sales Vitamins) See the sample newsletter and be sure to subscribe for you weekly “vitamin” of sales tips
  • Or visit Free Articles for additional information and insights

3. The Telephone Rep

  • If you are a sales rep and are looking to enhance your selling skills, you will want to click on The Resource Center for a listing of great books, PDFs and tapes or check out the newsletter
  • and make sure to click on and subscribe to the Free E-Newsletter
  • finally, check out the Free Articles



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