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Teleconcepts has been providing business to business, outbound tele-sales consulting services to clients in the US, Canada and Europe since 1991. It also provides consulting services for inbound call centers that seek to be more proactive and sales oriented in their approach to incoming calls.

Teleconcepts provides three core consulting services:
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1. The Audit and Review
2. The Tele-Sales Start Up
3. Coaching

1. The Audit and Review - Back to top

Teleconcepts provides a comprehensive audit and review of your existing outbound, B to B call center. The objective of an audit and review is to assess your current tele-sales (or inbound sales) program and determine what’s working, what’s not and what can be done to get the best results possible.

Not unlike a physical or check up you might have with your doctor or dentist, Teleconcepts reviews the core elements that make up your tele-sales program. It is designed to evaluate your call center from top to bottom. Ultimately it seeks to help you identify opportunities, leverage your strengths and minimize or eliminate your weaknesses. In short, the Audit and Review helps you to get better sales results by becoming more effective.

The audit and review provides extensive analysis in six key areas:

1. Strategic Review – a full examination of your current tele-sales strategy including an assessment of product strategies, target market strategies, channel distribution strategies, approach to market, marketing support etc.

2. Human Resources Review – which includes an evaluation of your current recruitment, selection and hiring practices; compensation assessment; training evaluation; a skills analysis of your sales reps, supervisors and managers; career path strategies; review of coaching and development programs; assessment of motivation and incentive strategies

3. Call Management Review –fully examines both the strategic and tactical nature of calls made or taken; evaluation of the sales cycle; assessment of lead generation and lead management strategies; review of customer management strategies; sales process assessment including pre-call planning, opening statements, voice mail strategies, needs analysis, presentation skills, objections handling, closing and advancing the sale; assesses overall effectiveness of the sales reps

4. Information Systems Review –this portion of the A&R reviews and evaluates current sales results including ratio analysis covering productivity, performance and profitability; comparative review with similar companies and industries is provide for baseline measurement

5. Marketing Integration Review – examines how tele-sales is integrated with current marketing and sales efforts (for example, use of direct mail, fax, and e-mail in marketing; the relationships between inside and outside sales, if applicable; etc.)

6. Environmental Review – assess the layout and design of your call center to determine the most effective and productive means of handing workflow

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2. The Tele-Sales Start Up - Back to top

Teleconcepts provides comprehensive consulting for businesses seeking to create and implement an outbound tele-sales program. The objective of the tele-sales start up is to help you effectively and efficiently plan and implement your outbound tele-sales program or your proactive inbound selling program.

Using the same criteria as the Audit and Review, Teleconcepts will work with you in six key areas:

1. Strategic Planning – assist in developing the most effective strategy (e.g., telemarketing vs. tele-sales vs. tele-account management or perhaps, cross selling or up selling on inbound calls) to achieve your stated goals and objective; includes market assessment; account reviews, distribution strategies; approach to the market

2. Human Resource Planning- extensive assessment and planning to determine recruitment, selection and hiring processes; training requirements; supervisory and management needs; compensations and incentive programs; coaching strategies; career path development; quarterly and annual review process

3. Call Management Planning- assesses the most effective approach to managing a call including the specific strategies (e.g., lead generation or account management) and the specific tactics (skills sets required to accomplish the strategy); the use of jobs aids such as scripts, call guides and free form etc.

4. Information Systems Planning – determines the key performance indicators required to assess the effectiveness of your strategy including productivity, performance and profitability; key ratios

5. Market Integration Planning –determines the marketing support required (if any) including e-mail, fax and direct mail; also integration with key departments such as field sales, operations, channel distributors etc.

6. Environmental Planning- assesses the most effective layout and design within the call center to ensure effective and efficient workflow

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3. Coaching - Back to top

Teleconcepts provide highly comprehensive coaching services to tele-sales reps, sales managers and sales executives.

Recognizing that tele-sales is still a relatively new and burgeoning strategy, that situations and events change frequently, and that organizations need ongoing assistance to implement new techniques, the objective of coaching is to keep companies and individuals focused on getting tasks completed, on honing and improving skills, and on providing feedback and insights on strategies and tactics.

Or, in the words of one executive, “…the coaching helps act as a corporate conscience …so that our goals and objectives are met on time and on budget…”

Coaching includes site visits with one to one interaction but also includes ongoing dialogue via telephone interviews and e-mail correspondence.

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