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Profiting by Phone
No Nonsense Skills and Techniques for Selling
and Getting Leads by Telephone

Profiting by Phone teaches you how to use the telephone more effectively and more successfully to generate leads and sell more product.

“The ideas in this book are so deceptively simple to use, yet so effective! We experienced dramatic results literally overnight.”
-Jim Crawford, Molson Breweries

If you use the telephone to sell directly, manage accounts, or generate and qualify leads, Profiting by Phone is a timeless classic and a MUST HAVE for every sales rep. It is a book that is literally brimming full of proven skills and techniques distilled from the collective wisdom and experience of hundreds of telephone reps from dozens of companies, big and small, across North America.

Simply put: these skills work!

“Jim solves the ‘mystery’ of telephone selling with simple and easy-to-use techniques…”
-Marie Dowden, Canada Post Corporation

Written in a highly entertaining style and format, Profiting by Phone is not only fun to read but easy to use. The chapters are short yet powerfully comprehensive, insightful, and thought provoking. Without a doubt, Profiting by Phone will help you generate better leads and sell more product. Guaranteed!



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$29.00 U.S.

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn:

  • How to plan your day to achieve maximum results

  • 3 strategies to deal with voice mail

  • How to create a powerfully effective opening statement that gets through the clutter

  • Common objection mistakes and how to avoid them

  • 9 Steps to more effective questions

  • 10 Tips on cross selling and up selling

  • Leveraging your telephone calling and results by “doctoring” your direct mail and fax

  • The 7 Habits of highly effective tele-sales reps

  • and much, much more !


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