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About Teleconcepts

For 17+ years Teleconcepts Consulting has been working with B to B companies across North America and Europe helping them achieve more profitable sales results with their tele-sales departments.  Established in 1990 as a direct response to the growth of the telephone as a viable marketing and sales medium, Teleconcepts provides both consulting and training services to its clients.

Considered one of the “pioneers” of B to B, outbound telesales, Teleconcepts has continued to fill the void by implementing some of the most unique and innovative tele-sales strategies in the marketplace. In the early 1990’s Teleconcepts was featured on national television and demonstrated how the telephone could be used effectively and profitably to sell small and medium accounts thus eliminating the need for costly field sales visits.

Since then Teleconcepts has continued to aid in the evolution telephone as a powerful selling medium by integrating its use into complex sales situations.  And with the growth of the internet, Teleconcepts has developed a number of remarkable programs that have provided clients with increased sales and profit.

Teleconcepts is particularly noted for its ability not only to design and develop strategy but also its ability to implement grass roots tactics.  It is a “roll up your sleeves”, hunker down and get into the trenches kind of company. Whether it is designing a strategic plan or hiring and selecting tele-sales reps or tele-sales managers or developing customized training solutions, or assisting in the coaching a development of tele-sales managers or the creating of call management tools such as job aids, scripts and call guides or establishing of key indicator reports to assess the effectiveness of a tele-sales department Teleconcepts provides it all.

Call it “one stop shopping.” Call it focus. Call it expertise.

About the Principal

Jim Domanski is president and CEO of Teleconcepts Consulting and is considered one of North America’s and Europe’s foremost leading experts in the field of business to business tele-sales consulting and training. With clients around the world, Jim has pioneered some of the most innovative and successful tele-sales strategies in today’s marketplace.

With well over twenty years of practical, “in the trenches” experience as a consultant and trainer, Jim began his career in tele-sales with Bell Canada. For ten years Jim sold telephone systems and moved into the ranks of management by joining Phone Power, the long distance consulting department of Bell Canada. It was here that Jim worked with companies in establishing and implementing leading edge telephone marketing strategies.

Jim has written four highly successful books on tele-sales strategies and tactics

“Direct Line to Profits” written in 1991, become one of the best selling business books in Canada. Written at a time when telephone selling and marketing was still in its infancy, the book featured a series of case studies illustrating how various companies across Canada were strategically using the telephone to sell more products and services.

“Profiting by Phone: No Nonsense Skills and Techniques for Selling and Getting Leads by Telephone” was published in 1997 and focused on tactical side of selling by telephone. Written because there was an distinct void in the marketing place of books that featured B to B, telephone selling skills and techniques, “Profiting by Phone” has continued to be a good seller and an indispensable guide for selling for tele-sales managers and reps alike. As Jim Crawford, Manager of Tele-Sales at Molson Breweries pointed out:

“The ideas in this book are so deceptively simple to use, yet so powerfully effective! We experienced dramatic results literally overnight.”

“Add On Selling: How to Squeeze Every Last Ounce of Sales Potential From Your Calls” was written and published in 2002 and was an instant hit.  A unique blend of both strategic and tactical techniques, the book looks at how companies can increase their sales and profitability by leveraging every call they make or take in their call center. It features such techniques as how to effectively and professional cross sell, up sell, close more inquiries, convert complaints and cancellations into sales and much more. This is a must have book for any sales executive.

“If you read only one book on sales this year, read “Add On Selling” - Bob Gove, Clement Communications

“Great strategies and techniques. An immediate increase in sales” - Michele Trempe, TAB Products

A prolific and witty writer, Jim has written hundreds of articles.  He has been featured in numerous newspapers, newsletters and magazines including Marketing Magazine, Advertising Age, Tele-Professional, Sales and Marketing Management, Selling Power, Profit Magazine, Business by Phone and Canadian Business and has appeared various radio and TV programs.

Jim is also the editor and writer of two extremely successful e-zines. 

“Tele-Sales Vitamins” provided tele-selling tips and techniques for anyone who uses the phone to sell or market their products.

 “Tele-Profiting” is targeted to owners, sales and marketing executives, and tele-sales managers. It provides a variety of ideas and strategies to help tele-sales department function and sell more profitably.

As an international trainer, Jim Domanski has implemented some of the most unique and effective tele-sales training programs in North America and Europe. By blending humor with hard hitting, practical tips and techniques, his seminars are thoroughly dynamic, highly interactive and extremely effective. Attendees consistently provide rave reviews about the material and content of all Jim’s training programs.

A certified professional speaker, Jim has also provides key note speeches and workshops for various associations in both the US and Canada. For over seven year, Jim has provided the outbound tele-sales seminars for Canadian Professional Sales Association.  One of the most successful presenters on the CPSA roster, Jim consistently rates “fives” (out of five) across the board in evaluations.

Jim lives in Ottawa, Ontario, is married and has two boys. He is an accomplished cook (and has produced a line of succulent spices called “Jimbos”), a voracious reader, a Civil War buff, a competitive “barbequer”, and a collector of edged weapons.

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